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Florida solar
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Florida Solar Panel Incentives

In Florida, there are several incentives and programs designed to promote the adoption of solar panels for both residential and commercial properties. These incentives include the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which offers a 26% tax credit for solar panel installation costs. Florida also has net metering policies in place, allowing solar panel owners to receive credits for excess electricity generation. Property tax and sales tax exemptions further reduce the financial burden of going solar. 

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is available in select areas, allowing property owners to finance solar installations through property tax bills. Additionally, some utilities and local governments offer rebates, and participation in solar co-ops or group purchasing programs can secure discounts. Solar rights laws protect homeowners’ rights to install solar panels, and statewide initiatives promote solar research and education, making solar energy adoption in Florida more accessible and appealing.


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 Solar generated electricity usage is measured by your homes utility meter, and when your new solar power system produces more power than you use, the local utility company issues credits towards your next electric bill putting cash into your pocket by saving money every day with a solar system. And your home remains connected to the electrical power grid to provide you more power for those cloudy days or dark nights.

On sunny days, you sell your surplus back to the power company – imagine that – you get paid for sunshine! Now that’s bound to put a smile on your face and extra greenbacks in your wallet! Why not make money when the sun shines?

The Best Of In-State Solar Incentives For Florida

In Florida, homeowners and businesses looking to adopt solar energy enjoy several state-level benefits and incentives. One notable advantage is the property tax exemption, which means that the installation of solar panels does not lead to increased property taxes, making solar investments financially attractive. 

Additionally, Florida offers a sales tax exemption on solar equipment and components, reducing the upfront costs of going solar. Solar rights laws protect homeowners from unreasonable restrictions, ensuring their right to install solar panels. Furthermore, statewide solar initiatives like the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) promote solar research and education, fostering an environment conducive to solar energy growth and innovation. These incentives and protections combine to make solar panel installation an appealing and financially feasible option for Floridians.

Exposure is important. Photovoltaic panels can be mounted on a south-facing roof or on ground supports. In either case, there should be maximum exposure to direct sunlight.

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